Digitizing Yacht Aftersales to increase spares revenue,
improve aftersales efficiency and control Yard’s reputation.

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Efficient Exceptional

Increase Spare

Control Yard’s


Yacht Lifecycle Value

Your Yard represents the pinnacle of Superyacht design, engineering and building. Your specialists take pride in delivering ownership peace of mind by guaranteeing global coverage, best responsiveness and dedicated care.

Reliability, Endurance, Performance

To control your reputation, you also want to closely monitor the long term condition of your Yacht. As you have restricted control to your Yacht after delivery you are eager to realize a close customer intimacy and add value throughout the Yacht lifecycle.

Crew Intimacy

Genuine parts, manufactured, engineered and certified by your team ensure the authenticity, reliability and value of the owner’s Yacht. Swift knowledgeable care when anything unexpected should happen builds a long-life customer intimacy with both owner and crew.

Personalized Experience

Comprehensive, detailed and personalized documentation and instructions, builds crew confidence, self-sufficiency and Yacht performance. YachtWorx is the only, 100% Dutch crafted, digital aftersales solution that helps Yacht builders grow genuine parts revenue, improve refit business and deliver efficient and excellent aftersales experience. The innovative solution additionally helps Yards to prevent warranty disputes, reduce insurance risks and simplify document handling.


" YachtWorx maximizes Yacht Owner’s trust and leads to strong lifelong Service Engineer relations. "

Heinen & Hopman
Joep Hopman

YachtWorx Features

Personalized Superyacht Experience

Personalize the owner’s and crew’s Superyacht experience by presenting the Yachts most sublime pictures and ambiance.

Digital Original Equipment List

Captain and Crew have detailed insight of Original Equipment List by category, location and parts references specific to the Yacht.

Digital Yacht Instructions and FAQ

Commissioning instructions, crew training, operational guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions specific to the Yacht to your digital disposal. Ask for instant advice to specialist Yard members.

Digital Document and Manual Handling

Simplify Manual Handling and improve actuality by using the digital document management solution.

Replaceable Parts Purchase Platform

Easy and enchanting purchase experience to replaceable parts. Ask for instant parts advice to specialist Yard members.

Social Service Communications

Social communication to specialist Yard members. Gain advice, submit warranty claims, request technical solutions, discuss about instructions, see your purchases etc. in the Yacht’s Social Logbook.

Digital Yacht Logbook

Capturing all communication, incidents, changes, Yard service reports, purchases etc. in one modern social timeline to gain a Yacht specific historical logbook.

Tribal Knowledge

Build Yacht knowledge on the go while service your customer with excellence. New knowledge on parts and instructions is searchable and shareable to all Yard members.

YachtWorx Benefits


Increase Aftersales Efficiency


Intimate Crew Relations


Increase Spares Revenue & Profitability


Improve Refit Awarding Rate


Control Yard’s


Leading Yachtbuilders find innovative ways to increase aftersales revenue and optimize yacht owners experience, while at the same time reducing cost of service delivery. Find out how digitizing your Yacht Aftersales Experience can help you achieve this.

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